Specializing in physical therapy, sports performance and wellness for the active individual.
Rock And Armor
    Rock and Armor Physical Therapy and Sports Performance is pleased to open a second location to serve you, and all the people of the Treasure Valley. We have teamed up with Olympians Stacy Dragila and Ian Waltz at their performance center, Dragila Vault Club, in Garden City, ID by the fairgrounds. We will open on June 15, 2020, starting with physical therapy services, and gradually adding sports performance, massage, and mobility coaching as we grow. Thank you for trusting us with your care and we look forward to serving you at our second location!

    Our Philosophy & Rock & Armor

    Physical therapy in Idaho at Rock and Armor. Picture is of several young man standing together in athletic attire.
    Rock and Armor Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, LLC offers a unique approach to athletic enhancement, fitness, and healing for active individuals of all ages looking for physical therapy in Meridian.

    We are sports enthusiasts who believe fitness and healing should be fun, and occur in open spaces free from confinement. Our 8,000 SF facility allows athletes and active individuals to rehabilitate injuries in a setting that feels more like a gym, field, or court, and less like a doctor’s office.

    We believe individuals seeking to perform at the highest possible level should have 1-on-1 guidance with state of the art trainers and therapists who were previously high-level athletes, allowing them to directly relate to the emotions and challenges presented.

    Our Training Facility In Meridian ID

    We have a gorgeous 8,000 square foot physical therapy, sports performance, chiropractic, and personal training facility in Meridian, Idaho. Our sports performance and chiropractic area boasts 25 foot ceilings accommodating all types of athletic activities. Our physical therapy area is composed of multiple treatment rooms offering privacy, as well as a section in the gym for higher-level rehabilitative exercises.

    Our Mission

    Our mission at Rock and Armor physical therapy in Meridian, is to provide the highest quality physical therapy, sports performance expertise, and personal training in the Treasure Valley.  Our focus is to provide superior service to meet the community’s needs of injury prevention, sports performance, rehabilitation, and wellness.  We are committed to quality care, exceptional customer service, and hold ourselves to the highest standards for moral and ethical practices. Rock and Armor - physical therapy Meridian that you can trust to help you recover from sports injuries.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit this website and learn more about us.

    535 N Locust Grove Rd #170, Meridian, ID 83642

    Physical Therapy Hours

    Monday thru Friday: 6am-6pm

    Saturday by appointment only

    Sports Performance Hours

    Monday thru Friday: 6am-8pm

    Saturday by appointment only

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