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    Class Schedule

    All Classes and times are subject to change based on participation.

    Power Hour

    If you are looking for a great training program that fits your budget, then Power Hour is for you. Power Hour is a stimulating and upbeat Adult Performance Program involving Cardio, Strength Training and Mobility with a highly qualified performance coach. This class allows you to work at your own pace and any fitness level is welcome. This class will run from 6-7 am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We will also offer an evening class from 6-7 pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. The class will cost $60/month.

    Speed and Agility

    Performance trainer's David Mikell recently completed a course to become a Certified Speed and Agility Coach. Therefore we opened a variety of  Speed and Agility classes that will focus on acceleration, deceleration, reactional change of direction, and jumping. We will have two options for this class, the schedule is as follows:
    Elite Speed and Agility (ages 14-18)- Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5 pm
    Speed and Agility (ages 10 and under)- Monday and Wednesday OR Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6 pm.
     The cost for this class is $65/month.

    Youth Sports Performance

    This high intensity class focuses on building strength, improving speed and agility, and increasing muscular endurance. Athletes will work on form, technique, and learn how to get stronger the safe way. This class is for ages 11-13 and runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7 pm. The cost is $65/month.

    Middle School Football Performance

    This class is great for athletes looking to improve their football performance and endurance.This class works to increase strength, speed/agility, and flexibility in a safe and uplifting environment. MSFP  will also help to improve reaction, explosiveness, stability, and coordination. This class is for middle school athlete's and will begin in March. MSFP will go every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-8 pm. The cost is $65/month. 

    College Prep Performance

    This class is ideal for high school athletes looking to stay in shape and improve their skills during the off season.  This high intensity class will work on components of strength, speed and agility, functional power, and character building. This class is for ages 14+ and will go every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from from 4:30-5:30 pm. The cost is $80/month.

    High School Sports Performance

    High school sports performance is a great class that works on all components for a well rounded athlete. This class focuses on strength, speed and agility, and endurance. This class is for ages 14-18 and goes every Monday and Wednesday from 6-7 pm. The cost is $65/month.

    High School Football Performance

    High School Football Performance focuses on skill development and helps to prepare athletes for their upcoming season. This class will also incoporporate high-pace competition drills to help improve conditioning and stamina. HSFP is for ages 14+ and will go every Monday and Wednesday from 7-8 pm. The cost is $65/month.

    College Prep Performance

    One of the most exciting additions to the Rock and Armor class schedule is our Collegiate Athlete Performance! This class will be led by former collegiate baseball player and current strength and conditioning coach at Northwest Nazarene University, Jarod Gonzales. It will focus on the summer strength and conditioning programs for all collegiate athletes who have come home and are preparing for college. This class will go every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:30-5:30. The cost is $80/month.

    Softball Performance

    This class is lead by former collegiate softball player, Sara Hingsberger. Athletes will be working on strength, speed and agility, sport specific movements, and injury prevention. Softball Performance runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5 pm. The cost is $65/month.

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